We're building a sustainable future. Literally.

Axion’s products are made of 100-percent recycled material, specifically polymers and polymer composites gathered from post-consumer and post-industrial sources. That means anything from detergent bottles to structural automotive components could go into our products. It also means these recyclables will not end up in landfills or our oceans. Axion is able to fully recycle its products at the end of their long lives.

Here are some other features of our green, closed-loop circle:

By replacing traditional wood components, Axion’s products reduce both the initial and long-term demand for domestic or imported wood.

Our products will not absorb chemicals or other contaminants or leach anything harmful into the environment.

Because our products are lighter than traditional materials, transporting them uses less fossil fuel.

Less than 30 percent of recyclable plastic is reclaimed today. By making our products, we’re using an undervalued asset.


Want to learn more?

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